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Immigration law is constantly changing and many find themselves buried in complex requirements and procedures. Few areas of the law directly impact families the way immigration does, so it is important to get it right the first time. We know immigration and we know how to do it right.

legal services that Robichaud & Alcantara offers if you're an immigrantAt Robichaud & Alcántara P.A., our top Minneapolis immigration attorneys have decades of experience. We pride ourselves on the personal service and individual attention we provide to each of our clients. We keep clients informed every step of the way.

Immigration Legal Services & Practice Areas

We have experience representing clients throughout the United States in a wide variety of immigration matters, including:

We will lead you through the confusing process of immigration procedures, regulations, and documentation. We will answer your questions, help you complete and submit your paperwork, and attend interviews. Schedule a consultation at our Minneapolis office to learn more about how our firm can help you. We also provide quality, in-person counsel from our affiliate office in Vietnam.

In addition to services for immigrants and non-immigrants, we provide immigration counsel to attorneys who have clients facing immigration concerns in family law or criminal law cases.

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We understand the importance of reuniting with loved ones. The U.S. government has very strict deadlines and evidence requirements in family-based immigration cases. You cannot ignore these requirements without risking a denial of your case, and improperly filed applications are difficult to correct. An experienced immigration attorney is necessary.

The law experts at Robichaud & Alcántara have helped thousands of people navigate the maze of immigration laws and procedures and secure green cards for loved ones. Call us today. We can help you.

According to immigration law, the following people are potentially eligible for green cards through family relationships:

  • Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, including fiancées, spouses, parents, children and siblings
  • Immediate relatives of Legal Permanent Residents, including spouses and children
  • Members of special categories such as battered spouses or children, widow(er)s of U.S. citizens, and children born to U.S. citizens and residents abroad



We understand the importance of citizenship to you and your family, and we can help you achieve it. U.S. citizenship provides the benefits of voting, military service, eligibility for a U.S. passport, and protection from deportation.

Many people born outside the United States or to U.S. citizen parents are eligible for citizenship through a process called naturalization. You may even be a citizen already if you were born to U.S. citizen parents, regardless of whether your parents were born in the United States or naturalized themselves. We can help you prove it.

The naturalization process is confusing, and it is wise to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. With our extensive experience and understanding of immigration law, our lawyers can ensure the process runs smoothly for you.

USCIS has several requirements for gaining citizenship. We can discuss how these requirements impact your situation through a private, confidential meeting at our office. The requirements typically include:

  • Permanent residency for five years if not married to a U.S. citizen
  • Permanent residency for three years if married to a U.S. citizen
  • Limitations on the amount of time outside the United States
  • Evidence of good moral character
  • Ability to pass an English and Civics exam

It is important to seek legal advice. If you extensively travel outside the United States or have a criminal history, it is possible to lose your green card by applying for citizenship in the wrong circumstances. Many criminal convictions can cause an issue. An experienced attorney can often overcome both travel and criminal issues. Our attorneys will advise you on whether it is the right time for you to apply.



The U.S. Government is becoming increasingly skeptical of people applying for green cards through marriage. We will work with you to ensure your loved ones’ prompt arrival in the United States. Trust us to stand by your side every step of the way.

Also known as a K-1 or K-3 visa, the fiancé(e) and spouse visa was created by Congress to allow United States citizens to expedite the overseas process for reuniting with their fiancé(e)s, spouses and children in the United States. The K-1 visa also allows you to have your wedding in the United States.

These cases can be exceptionally difficult if someone has applied for a fiancé(e) or spouse visa before or if they have been previously denied. To be eligible to apply for a fiancé(e) or spouse visa, you must be a United States citizen. USCIS also requires substantial documentation of your relationship that we can help you obtain. The MN immigration attorneys at Robichaud & Alcántara P.A. have decades of combined experience helping clients with difficult cases. We can help.

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