Our firm is uniquely positioned to offer our clients the personal attention and service of a small firm and the depth of experience and resources of a larger firm.

Clients benefit from our knowledge of the law, our thorough preparation and our ability to develop an effective case strategy.

“After getting hit by a car while biking, I had no idea what to do. I am so thankful I was referred to R.A. Law. Their client-first approach assured me that I was their number one concern and they were my number one advocate. My lawyer, Robert A. Correia, was proactive with communication and always made space for questions. He would always explain clearly the various options and potential outcomes, providing guidance, while honoring my autonomy. He was ready to work with the choices I made, never leaving me feeling wrong or stupid. At every turn, he was evaluating possible scenarios and sharing game plans. During my mediation process, it was clear that the defense knew of his success in court, aiding in a happy ending and case settlement. He didn’t just see me through the finish line, but he helped negotiate final medical bills and ensured all loose ends were tied up. If you want to know you’ll be prioritized and ready for whatever the other side might throw your way, I highly recommend R.A. Law.”

-C.H., January 2018

“Great Job on My Personal Injury Case: Rob took care of everything I needed with both my case and care along the way. I would recommend his representation to anyone involved in a personal injury lawsuit.”

-Jake, June 2017

“Happy Clients – Happy Life: Rob leads his daily practices with the motto happy clients happy life. He enjoys putting his expertise to work to ensure his clients get everything they deserve. He kept me updated at all times throughout the case and made sure I felt comfortable through the whole process.”

-Amanda, November 2016

“I would like to thank the whole RA Law team for doing all the great work you guys do! I would like to especially thank Robert Correia for being a wonderful lawyer. Thank you so much.”

-S.M., June 2017

“Robichaud & Alcántara worked quickly and efficiently on our case. They were friendly and are always easy to reach by phone or email. They took our best interest into consideration. We would recommend RA Law to anyone seeking an attorney who will work for them and their best interests. We appreciate how tirelessly they worked with us throughout our whole process.”

-Kelsey and Adan B., June 2016

“We are very gratefuly for the service [Robichaud & Alcántara] offered us. We are very happy with all of their support throughout our case. We were always able to trust them because they made us feel confident from the first time we met. We put all of our trust in their hands.”

-Celina R., May 2016

“I am very grateful to have been taken care of so well by Brianna and everyone at [Robichaud Law]. Thank you for doing such an excellent job for me. I really needed your help.”

-Felipe R., February 2016

“The entire team at [Robichaud Law] were outstanding in helping me through my case. From the very first meeting, they were very kind and understandable. I can’t say enough positive things about [Robichaud Law]. The paralegal was so helpful and explained everything during the whole process. I would recommend [Robichaud Law] to anyone needing help with a legal problem.”

-Maria R., February 2016

“You guys are a great team. You made sure I got everything [taken] care of and I am very appreciative of the end result. Thanks, you guys are the best.”

-Arielle N., October 2012

“I would recommend this firm because how reliable and how nice they are. We came to them back in 2009. They have helped us for many years. Gaby and Brianna have always been there when my husband and I needed them. They always kept us updated with our immigration case. Over the years we have had 4 other people come here and they gave the people we recommended the help they needed. I could how nice, friendly they are and how close they work with you on your case.”

– Fawn H., February 2015

“Everyone is polite, if you ever have a question they will happily help you out. The lawyers are bilingual which is a big plus because there are many families who need that extra help and feel more comfortable. You can contact them by phone, email, or just by coming in. So, you do not have to worry about not being able to speak with someone.”

– Brandon M., August 2013

“I wasn’t expecting this much money in a settlement, but Robichaud, Anderson, & Alcantara worked with me, and quickly, and got me a great settlement.  This was right before the holiday, and I didn’t expect to get a settlement this quickly and for so much money.  I would recommend anyone involved in an accident to work with this firm.  They are an awesome group of attorneys, and they fight for their clients.  I would recommend them anytime.  Many thanks!”

– C.B.

“Thank you [to Robichaud Law] for helping us in our case. We are very happy with the service [the firm] provided for giving us confidence and being available and honest, obtaining a good result in our case. As attorneys, they are the best since we always felt supported and well represented. Thanks to [their attorneys] we got our case approved. Do not hesitate to call them if you need good representation.”

– G.M.C. and C.R.H.

“RAA handled my personal injury case promptly and efficiently. The attorneys and staff were very competent and courteous. My communications with my attorney were excellent and they were great about explaining the legal process. I am very happy with the results!”

– E.F.

“I was able to get information when I needed it and that was always helpful.  I also liked meeting with different people in the firm if someone was not available.  The service was good and I will come back.”

– R.H.

“We recommend this team of attorneys because they are very kind. You feel at home and supported from the very beginning, and they guided me to obtain the best results. Thank you for everything.”

-Norberta A., November 2015